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Active citizenship challenge

The Whole Active Citizenship Challenge aims at providing students with positive feedback for genuine achievement and effort in a wide range of school activities

This system acknowledges students who are cooperative, display appropriate behaviour, attitude and effort both in the classroom and playground.

How the challenge works

  • There are 10 levels to the challenge [Levels 1 - 10].
  • Each term is a completely separate challenge.
  • Each term, every student begins Day 1 on Level 5.
  • Each Friday, teachers evaluate students to determine if they move up, down or stay on the same level. This is the class teacher's responsibility and if required they will seek input from support teachers and/or executive .Students need to be informed of their level.
  • Determination of levels is based on behaviour, attitude and effort both in and out of the classroom, over the whole week.
  • Homework - senior students can't go up a level unless basic homework is completed. * Please ensure that the  school Homework Policy is followed
  • In order for students to be eligible to participate in extra curricula activities at school such as visiting performances, school dances, representative sports teams etc., they must be on level 7  or above. [If such activities occur during Week 1, then the level from the last week of the previous term is the determiner]. Teachers must keep parents informed if it is likely that a student will be excluded from a school activity because they have not reached the appropriate level.
  • Students aim for Level 10 (and to remain on Level 10). All students who achieve Level 10 are rewarded in the last week of term. The reward will be on a grade level and coordinated by the grade Assistant Principal
  • Students who have achieved Level 10 at the end of the term will be acknowledged at the final assembly of the term.
  • Students who achieve Level 10 will have a certificate of congratulations signed and sent home by the teacher. ( In week 9 or 10 – this allows for students who may reach level 10 by week 5 but then drop a level before the end of the term)
  • Students achieving Level 10 for every term are presented with a special award at the end of the year presentation day.
  • Consistent teacher judgment will be necessary. Each child will be encouraged to strive to do their own personal best – Please do not compare students.
  • To assist, teachers will carry ‘Positive Behaviour Slips' in the playground and issue them as they see fit. Slips will be taken by students to their classroom teacher, who will refer to them when making Friday's decision. [Slips may or may not make a difference.]
  • Recording of student levels will be managed on the Sentral Welfare System by classroom teachers.

Examples of how students can increase their chances of achieving a rise in a level.

  • Positive playground attitude – helping a younger student, picking up rubbish, showing sportsmanship during games, being physically active, being friendly and helpful to a teacher, offering to help someone, showing initiative, being punctual to lines etc, displaying positive body language, using positive verbal language
  • Positive classroom attitude – being friendly and helpful to a teacher, offering to help someone, showing initiative,  displaying positive body language, using positive verbal language, producing consistently efficient work, clearly aiming for accuracy, displaying determination, striving to improve, showing honesty, being trustworthy, avoidance of personal bad habits like whingeing or answering back, using manners, willingness to volunteer