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Children take part in three different kinds of excursions. These are:-

  • Local: which are either walking excursions or are within easy travelling distance of the school.  A bus trip from which children return within the same day is regarded as a local excursion.
  • Sporting: which are local excursions usually involving a trip to another school for competitive sport.
  • Major: which are excursions that take longer than 1 day. An example is a 3 day excursion to Canberra.

Parent consent forms are required for all excursions.  The consent forms have a legal purpose and all details must be completed accurately and signed by a parent or guardian.

Excursions are only approved if they have educational merit, so all children should be included wherever possible.  If you find it difficult to meet costs, special arrangements may be possible if you approach the teacher concerned, or the Principal.

Major excursions

The school major excursions commence in primary grades.

  • Year 3 attend Altina Zoo
  • Year 4 attend a three day camp at Borambola Sport and Recreation Centre – Wagga Wagga
  • Year 5 & 6  visit Canberra – odd years (3 days)
  • Year 5 & 6 visit Ballarat – even years (3 days)

Parents and teachers providing transport

Teachers and parents often transport children on various excursions when it is a small group( usually sport excursions) because it is either not practicable to hire a bus, or because a saving is involved.

To be certain that all parties are protected, and the approval for the use of private transport can be properly made by the school, any parent supplying transport will need to show current documents at the school office.

The following are required:

  • The parents licence is to be sighted and number recorded.
  • The vehicles registration papers must be checked to make sure that it is current. Vehicles must have seat belts available for each child being transported.  A simple record is kept at the school office of these details, and it is updated each time transport is provided.