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The school canteen operates daily from 8.45 a.m to 1.45 p.m. and is managed by the Griffith East Public School P & C

The Canteen Committee is a sub-committee of the P & C and is responsible for the management of the canteen and the implementation of Department of School Education policy in relation to nutrition, prices, safety, etc.

The Canteen provides a recess and lunch service each day of the week and often arranges for "SPECIAL" lunch days.

A supervisor is employed by the P & C Association for 5 days a week. The Canteen Committee oversees the daily organisation of the canteen.  Parents who are able to assist are always needed and are urged to place their name on the canteen roster. Please phone 69 625273 to speak to the supervisor- Mrs Phoebe Ritorto

Price lists are sent home regularly and are available on the school website and APP

Lunch orders are written on paper bags and money should be placed inside the bag. Bags need to be handed in to the canteen before school.

The P & C has partnered with Flexischools to make ordering lunches easier. If you’d like to start ordering online with Flexischools - Get Started here.

Lunch orders are delivered to classrooms at the beginning of lunchtime.

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